What 3D Printer Accessories Should Get When You Buy A 3D Printer

What 3d printer accessories should I get when the first time bought a 3D Pinter? This question is often asked by users, and what are the differences in the accessories part. Today, let's talk about what general-purpose accessories and functional accessories are, and what accessories you must buy. I divided accessories into three categories, including vulnerable 3D accessories, expandable 3D  accessories, and functionally upgraded 3D printing accessories or Modifiable 3d accessories. and what 3d accessories are included in these three categories. Let’s Check it out.

First of all, we have to think about which 3d printer accessories are wearing parts and need to be replaced frequently. No matter which brand of 3D printer you buy, these accessories need to be replaced frequently from time to time. I would call these accessories "fragile accessories, but because of the different design of each brand of machine, most of the time the vulnerable areas are not the same.

Vulnerable 3D Printer Accessories

Necessary accessories usually also refer to vulnerable accessories. Generally, some accessories that often need to be repaired within 3 months after receiving the printer. It is recommended that such accessories can be purchased at the same time as the first purchase of the printer to avoid the need for future machine problems. used. Whether the machine you purchased is Tycoon or a 3d printer related to other brands, you can buy related 3d printing accessories on its official website.

3d printer accessories

Nozzle: The nozzle commonly used by most DIY 3d printers in the market is the kind of 0.4mm, and after you have printed for a period of time, it is recommended that you clean and replace it from time to time to avoid plugging and the nozzle cannot print a flat model due to long-term wear.

Silicone Cover: prolonged heat printing can also cause wear and tear.

Belt: Although many 3D printers now add tensioners or use some small accessories to extend the use and life of the belt, long-term use will still make the belt loose.

Nozzle Thermal Cable: During the printing process, some issues happens like the screen suddenly red, printing stopped, and a beeping alarm sounded. It turns red when heated. Most of the reasons are the breakage of the nozzle or the thermal line of the hot bed, which is also a necessary get 3d printer part. It is normal if it occurs during 3 months of use.

Lubricating Grease: 3d printer accessories like z axis, lead screw, and linear rail with relatively poor quality will rust or make noise during the printing process if used for a long time, sometimes applying lubricating grease can solve such problems And if the maintenance is good, it can increase the service life of the 3d printers.

Limit Switch: The part is to limit the trajectory of the machine's printing. It usually has a high working frequency and is also a wearing part.

Automatic Leveling Sensor: An Auto Leveling Sensor with average quality is generally used for about 3-6 months, and it is also prone to errors such as the probe being crooked or not coming out. In order to reduce the occurrence of such problems, Kywoo specially designed They have their own kywoo touch, the price is relatively not very high, you can add and try as well if you are interested.

The above accessories are all regular and necessary accessories. No matter which brand of 3D printer you buy, it is recommended to be prepared as well, in case you need it for replacement while issues happen and to ensure that the printer can be used normally.

Expandable 3D Printer Accessories

I will also regard the extensible 3D printing accessories as a kind of model printing quality-enhancing accessories. This type of printing accessories can provide some help in the printing process, especially for model printing and easy access. This type of 3d printing parts is also common to all brands of 3D printers, and can be purchased if the budget is sufficient and the printer is stable.

3d printer accessories

PEI Magnetic Build Plate/ Magnetic Sticker/Tempered Glass Bed: At present, most 3D printers on the market are equipped with tempered glass bed. If you have sufficient budget, you can also start other related thermal bed boards like PEI board or magnetic sticker, if you want to know the difference between these 3 hot bed boards, you can check out this article:3D Printer build plate comparision

3D Printer Enclosure: The main design inspiration of the 3D printer Enclosure is to make the printing process evenly heated and make the model print more perfect.

And it can be dustproof and rustproof, ensure printing safety and other functions.

Functionally Upgraded 3D Printer Accessories/ Modifiable 3D Accessories

Some 3D printing companies will extend some functions when the machine is stable to release. Users can add functions or use suitable accessories according to their requirement. My suggestion is that you can use the machine for a while and see whether if you would like to add more functions on your machine. For example, if you start with a tycoon 3d printer, then you can start with the following related functional 3d accessories.

3d printer accessories

300 ℃ High Temperature Printing Accessories: If you sometimes need to print models with high nozzle temperature such as Nylon, ABS, etc., you can try to start with one, the price is also cheap, it is recommended to use PEI hot bed plate and thermal insulation cover for printing high temperature consumables

Y-axis Linear Rail Guide: For the Y-axis linear rail guide, it can print at a higher speed with the same quality compare to the normal linear rod, in addition to reducing the sound when rubbing, and the function of anti-rust, and even longer service life. Many customers review s says that it is a worthwhile upgrade.

Wifi Module: If the machine you started with is Tycoon slim 3d printer, and you want to have wifi function, you can buy a wifi module and add it to achieve the same function.

Automatic Shutdown Module: The automatic shutdown module can ensure that your printer is automatically powered off after the model is printed, saves energy and leave the printer in a safe condition. I think it should be a must-have item for 3D printers in this era of environmental protection. At present, we have optimized the packaging and installation method of this accessory, so you can start with peace of mind.

LED Light Strip: Come customer reviews it an interesting updates as it is a touch-sensitive accessory and convenient accessory when you need to view the model at a dark place. Only need you to wave your hand to control the switch.

It is unavoidable that some accessories need to be replaced after a long period of work on the 3D printer, but in the process of replacement or upgrade, it is actually better and faster to learn the working principle of 3D printing. And familiarize yourself with the structure inside. It's a learning process especially for newbies. If I were to buy a machine, I would purchase wearing parts at the same time as the initial purchase of the machine, and then purchase expandable and functional printing parts after the printer is used stably and if the budget is sufficient. Tycoon is a relatively scalable machine with rich functions. Whether it is a novice or a veteran, it can be used as an option to try.


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