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Nice additional function

Purchased directly from Kywoo on Aliexpress. The goods arrived quickly and without problems. Assembly is without problems, I used the downloaded paper manual and a demo video on Youtube to help. I followed the instructions exactly, printed out a PET-G cover and mounted everything inside. I upgraded the firmware from version 1 to 2.1.3. Everything worked great the first time and everything looks luxurious. Thank you for an excellent supplement!

Two notes to improve:

1) In the next version of the firmware, reduce the time for auto shut-off from 20 minutes to, for example, 5 minutes, or preferably adjustable.
2) Add an insulating hose over all the wires at the bend at the top through the printer frame. The wires carry high voltage and it is not suitable for them to directly touch the frame of the printer!!! I added the insulating hose myself.

Regards, Peter

Matthias Salzer
Auto Shut Off

Bestellung erhalten, System arbeitet ohne Probleme

Jack Meoff
Kywoo3D is deleting negative reviews of this product

I reviewed the auto-shutdown kit after attempting to install it, following the video tutorial from Kywoo. In my original review, I outlined my problems/concerns with the kit. To my surprise, I found that the two negative reviews for this kit (one being mine) had been deleted less than 2 months later!
I'd like to start off by saying that I believe Kywoo3D had the right to moderate product reviews (i.e. defending against high volumes of negative reviews). That being said, I was shocked to find my honest negative review (along with another's negative review) completely ablated from this product listing. I have supported this company from the very beginning, and expected they would reach out to address the concerns I raised in my original review. Sadly, thiz was not the case...

Here are the highlights from my original review:

1. One component of the kit is a high-voltage board; in Kywoo3D's installation video, this high voltage board is (much to my dismay) left hanging loosely inside the printer. I expected there would be a safer method to mount this board within the printer (anything is better than a high voltage board dangling freely inside your printer!)

2. While safety is my primary concern; form and function come next. Watching the install video again, I was very disappointed to see how the new power/reset button was simply left hanging loose inside the printer's housing in a hard to access position. The kit's power button is designed to fit through a clearance hole, and lock into place with a nut....BUT, there is no documentation or instruction on how to install this button CORRECTLY!

TLDR: Kywoo3D HAS DELETED negative product reviews; this kit contains a high-voltage board with no safe mounting method/instruction; install video leaves the new on/off switch hanging freely inside printer, rather than properly mounting it in the printer's eternal panel (near the built-in on/off switch).

Hi, Jack, thanks for your review, I've send your reviews for our engineer, but pls noted that we don't delect any review of the product, because recently we are trying the find another better review app for the website, but it turns out the prevous reviews are gone, we now have to turn it back to the previous app we used. thanks for letting us know about that.
About the question you mentioned, actually, we have designed a printout of the automatic shutdown module, which will integrate all the wiring harnesses and modules into a control box, now we are upgrading the video for it, we have not uploaded the installation video to the youtube channel yet. here you can download the module on the thingiverse:
Later I will ask our technical support to guide you how to install it.
Sorry about what happened, and thanks for your understanding.

Sloppy and dangerous implementation

I received my auto-shutdown kit and began installing it; however, I chose not to finish the installation as the kit’s board has “high voltage” warnings printed on it with no safe way to mount it inside the printer’s housing.
I watched the installation on YouTube; and they just leave the board hanging unsecured inside the printer!
To make matters worse, the push-button power switch is threaded with a nut (implying it can be installed in an appropriately sized hole in the housing), but in the same video it is left hanging freely inside the housing. This looks and feels sloppy.
Kywoo NEEDS to provide a method & video for properly and safely mounting the board switch button.
Very disappointed with this kit.

Markus Hamm
Auto Shut down

A few days ago I connected the board for the auto shutdown. After connecting all cables, the Auto Shutdown board only hangs on the screwed cable. There is no attachment to the housing. With cable ties I attached the Auto Shutdown board to the power supply. The Kywoo selling such a product is not professional. In Germany, such a thing would not be allowed. I wrote to the customer service of Kywoo and asked for a solution but unfortunately there was no answer. Really bad!!!

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