Should I Upgrade to Dual Geared Extruder?

For FDM printers, extrusion is a crucial process that makes sure a good print. In the whole process of printing, extruders are responsible for pushing the filament down to the hot end. While dual geared extruder can guarantee a better extrusion with its high extrusion force. A replaced gear rather than the idle bearing could mesh the filament to its soul. An upgrade to a dual gear extruder will help you gain the title of 3DP buff.

 Single gear extruder and double gear extruder

How It Meshes

Let’s take a look at the single gear extruder first. Generally, single gear extruders consist of one idle bearing and one gear, the filament is gnawed and fed by the gear to the hotend. Hence, one most obvious flaw of a single gear extruder is insufficient extrusion or under-extrusion.

Single geared extruder 

Sometimes under-extrusion would occur after filament grinding where the gear of the extrusion grinds the filament. Usually, the filament is unable to move, yet the drive gear keeps spinning, and lots of small plastic shavings from the plastic have been ground away. Accumulate filament shards and particles on the gear teeth inhibit the extruder from gripping and pushing the filament through the nozzle.

Similarly, with a single gear, there’s also a high risk that it’ll start slipping on the filament and it slowly grinds through it until it can’t push it in any direction. That’s when you get a jam. The printer thinks it’s printing, but the material won’t come out of the nozzle, so your print is ruined. That’s why a dual gear system exists.

With dual gear extruder, those rounded teeth bite into the filament and push it down into the hotend through the hobbed gears. The spur gears on the top now synchronize and both work together on pushing the filament down which apparently generates more force for feeding.

How does a dual geared extrusion work

Typical Application

Dual drive extruders use two toothed gears to grip the filament. The gear ratio of the extruder allows more force to be applied through the nozzle. This helps reduce skipped steps and filament grinding on traditional extruder mechanisms. A dual geared extruder is useful for printing all types of filaments but it is a must-have for printing flexible filaments

 Flexible filaments application

Flexible filaments are plastics with rubbery properties like TPE, TPU, or TPC which are usually soft and elastic and can thus withstand high loads. Flexible filaments are  sort of "notorious" for their features of difficult to print, poor bridging characteristics, and the possibility of blobs and stringing. If these problems require makers’ technique of slicing and setting, an upgrade to dual gear extrusion can help you fix most feeding issues.

By the way, most flexible filaments require a direct drive extruder. The distance between the drive gear and melt zone of the hot-end needs to be as short as possible to efficiently feed the filament into the nozzle. With a direct drive extruder, you could gain a better extrusion and faster extrusion which make a direct drive extruder more reliable. 

Quality Enhancement

When choosing a 3D printer, besides easy usage, what matters the most is if the machine can meet makers’ needs or not. Build volume, constantly good or not, and printing quality are all contributors to a great printer. 

A dual gear extruder mechanism could provide higher extrusion force and ensure smooth feeding compared to single-geared extruders. It’s the trend of next-generation extrusion systems, a superior extrusion could help you gain a quality enhancement for the most part. 

If you are hesitating to upgrade, remember this, a dual geared extruder is a must-have for printing flexible filaments. 


As the direct-drive extruder mentioned above, the counterpart is the Bowden extruder. Among the different 3D printer brands, both extruder variants ensure that filament is fed into the printhead, but differ in the way the filament is pushed into the hotend. Direct extruders and Bowden extruders have their pros and cons. 

In a direct-drive extruder, the extruder is located directly on the print end, the motor can simply push the filament through the nozzle, thus guaranteeing a better extrusion. Also, compared to Bowden extruders, direct-drive extruders have a wider range of compatible filaments. 

So, if you have owned a 3D printer equipped with a direct-drive extruder, an upgraded dual geared extruder is a plus, if it is a Bowden extruder, just upgrade it! 

General usage

Newly Released Dual Gear Extruder 

Kywoo3D Dual Gear Extruder

Upgraded Dual Gears
High extrusion force, enhancing the feed strength, ensuring smooth feeding, and better pressure pushes the filament into the printer, not easy to lose steps. Better print with TPU and other flexible filaments.

Strong Compatibility
Perfect replacement for most extruders on market.

Stable & Durable
All-metal aluminum alloy, high-quality dual gear extrusion. Compared with the normal plastic drive, this high-quality aluminum metal dual gear extruder is more stable and durable.

High-quality Material
Adopts brand-new imported aviation aluminum material.

Check more details here~


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    Do you have instructions for what you have shown as the newer dual gear extruder kit? Mine came with a motor as well and I’ve not yet found any instructions and don’t recall seeing any with the kit when it came.

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    Eu quero essa mas não tem como comprar !! Aí o que adianta , vocês tem que colocar peças no mercado , e rápido , aqui no Brasil 🇧🇷 não encontra peças de vocês , é apenas uma loja vende duas impressoras , divulguem as máquinas no Brasil , expandam !! Tenho uma tycoom slim mas está impossível mante la, não conhecimento da máquina, não há peças reposição ou upgrade , ajuda ajuda ,

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