How much does a 3D printer cost?

When people open their browse and tape “How much does a 3D printer cost” in their search engine, these folk must take an interest in 3D printers or wanna get some information about this field at least. Let’s take a glance at the prices of 3D printers for different levels:
3d printer cost
These years, the majority of DIY makers, craftsmen, and model lovers are making up the huge market, naturally, 3D printer brands are multiplying simultaneously too. In this blog, we will focus on hobbyist 3D printers. Most entry-level and hobbyist 3D printers cost vary from $100–$1000, printers in this scale are a great way to explore and learn about 3D printing. However, a hobbyist 3D printer price beyond $400 is always recommended. You will likely save considerable time assembling, calibrating, and testing before you can print. They will allow more room for you to print objects in each dimension (width, length, height) and likely guarantee printing in more than one material. These printers are fast, quiet, have fancy print quality, and are durable. After knowing the price of a hobbyist 3D printer, the question “How much does a 3D printer cost?” in your mind should be shifted to “How could this printer be priced like this?” or “what the differences between a hobbyist printer and an entry-level 3D printer” now. From the perspective of a 3D printer company, your questioning boils down to our cordial design principle: “How can we improve our user experience?” When our customers think this workhorse deserves the money, then we make it.
3d printer cost

Investing 400 bucks in the bulk of metal, the extrusion would send you a gold print, a silver print, or just a normal one from your filament on the hotbed. You would accept it as that is what it should be. Would the God Hermes give you all three points? The answer is No because you are the God who controls the printer. In your hands, it could produce gorgeous works but sometimes just a piece of garbage . But please believe this, there is gold in this 3D printing river. 3D printer manufacturers are making every effort to make you a perfect printing experience.

There are many 3D printer manufacturers in the markets with almost the same price. Then you need to know what you would get from your investment. 3D printing would be tough at the beginning, so the most crucial part is your user experience. You need to choose one that can give you a smooth 3D printing trial.

Control & Operation

Before your printing, you need to send commands to your machine. Then touchscreen or knob? A touchscreen is always preferred. Let me tell you why: because it’s incredibly easy to use. A button says “Auto-level.” You just press “Auto-level.” Then the printer moves and completes the command. This is very different than in, say, a lower-end printer, where a button says “Auto-level,” so you grab the little dial, and you move over to the button, and you’re about to click on it, but then you cannot control the knob well, and you accidentally click somewhere else, such as on a button that says “back,” and now you have to do it again. More importantly, an HD color touchscreen and ergonomic interface design would make it more detailed and well-executed, truly achieving simple operation and a better experience.

kywoo tycoon 3d printer


Different from most of the basic DIY 3d printers, printers come with a 32-bit TMC 2209 drive which can save 75% energy by controlling electric flow, and offering a silent work process would be the best choice. Furthermore, it offers a higher speed of processing and stronger expansion. Besides the drive part, printers are equipped with linear rails rather than rods on the x-axis which partly reduces the noise too. Lower decibel is a necessary request.

kywoo tycoon 3d printer


To avoid the printed jam for your jam, one thing you must think about for your printer who will be your workmate in near future is its precision. If you have ever seen our Tycoon or Tycoon Max, you may find that the design of Kywoo3D printers is like a macho bro among the printers in the market. The gantry frame, stable x-axis linear bearing structure, and dual z-axis can improve accuracy by 30% compared to traditional pulley systems. These features combine to greatly increase stability and reduce shaking, resulting in more effective and high-quality printing.
kywoo tycoon 3d printer


God please no! A 3D printer without an auto-leveling function is a disaster! The annoying manual leveling is an interests killer, if you search how to manually auto-level your printer you may want to give up your creativity once you read the first step saying picking up a paper blah blah blah in the instruction. Not only torture but also a time killer.
kywoo touch

Filament Sensor

You would never stare at your printer all the process, though watching the filament being extruded on where it should be is a remedy, there are possible accidents would happen. Filament runout or filament breakage, the smart sensor makes the machine suspend printing for resuming print after the new filament feeds in.
kywoo filament sensor

Resume Printing Function

The machine can automatically resume printing after power-off or filament breakage. If you are printing your huge project, take it easy. In your sharing post, you would never use the word “nervous”.

Reliable Wifi Connection

The Wifi function allows files to the printer can be transferred via Cura from your desktop or laptop and printed quickly, also, the Tycoon 3d printer is Fully-compatible with both SD and TF cards - no card adapters required. (This function is not in the Beta version machines, but will be shown on the next batch machines.)

kywoo tycoon 3d printer

After-sale Service

3D printing would be tough for a starter, and you would search for help in kinds of communities, and there would be odds that you cannot get your problems fixed. Then strong online support becomes a necessary part, and if the brand you choose is equipped with a keen team who are ready to help you solve the problem, you choose the right. Also, warranty services and replacement make sense as every brand would offer. One thing more important is its upgrades because you are gonna be a pro in this field and old firmware would be boring for you. You need to buy a growing product as you do.

For a hobbyist 3D printer, Kywoo3D can make you feel our products and service deserve much more than the price. In the end, your original question “How much does a 3D printer cost?” now can be “What can I create by this 3D printer?” it depenes your budget, sometimes a 3d printer price lower than the price on the market but with low quality. Like Kywoo Tycoon, some 3d printing company spends a lot on their' design and upgrading functions like Kywoo Tycoon, which you can easily tell how sturdy it is, and it is totally worth its' price.


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