How to Select A 3D printer that is Suitable For Beginner?

When we choose the ideal beginner 3d printer, the price, easy to assemble, easy to use, comprehensive tutorial materials, and excellent overall print quality are our main considerations. You can get acquainted with it in a few steps, enough to use a printer to print excellent works.

Ⅰ.The Price

In recent years, the price of DIY 3D printers has dropped for ordinary consumers, and you can find many affordable models on the market at a reasonable price range. However, just because the price of one 3D printer is much higher than another does not necessarily mean that it is better and more suitable for your needs. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it as much as possible, and then you should also consider what you get from a 3D printer. Although the price is important, buying a 3D printer that meets your requirements is the key.

Ⅱ.Easy to Assemble

In terms of price, DIY 3D printers are often more suitable for beginners. However, DIY-level machines generally require manual assembly of parts into machines before they can be used, and they are mainly for experienced 3D printing makers. The assembly work before use is often cumbersome, so if you have never used such products before, this may increase the difficulty of your entry. Facing with a pile of miscellaneous parts, and having no idea how to start will discourage beginners who are interested in 3D printing. However, in recent years, some 3D printer manufacturers have also developed and designed some easy-to-use DIY 3D printers that are very close to enclosed machines, which will be more suitable for beginners than regular DIY 3D printers.

Ⅲ.Easy to Use

With the promotion of 3D printers to a wider audience, their operations have become easier. However, some 3D printers may still require a steep learning curve before they can master it and start producing high-quality prints.Every 3D printer will have a learning process, especially if you have not used it before. Although you don't need an engineering degree to operate a 3D printer now, some will be easier than others, and you need to consider how much time you have to learn how it works.

Ⅳ.Print Quality and Speed

When buying a 3D printer, print quality is an important consideration. Usually, when the price of the machine is relatively low, the quality of the printed model will be relatively poor. Many 3D printers can make models at lightning speed. However, in terms of actual quality, these may not be the best. It really depends on how much you spend, because the higher the price, the more likely you are to find a 3D printer with fast speed and high print quality.

Ⅴ.Customizable options

Extending the functions of a 3D printer can turn a very basic machine into a powerful machine. In recent years, printing technology has made great progress, but you can still customize the 3D printer to improve its overall capabilities. Some 3D printers have many customizable options where you can add different components and let them do different things. There are also other machine designs that will be more stringent, so the expansion of its functions will be limited.

It actually depends on your needs for 3D printer Kit. If you want to print some basic models as an amateur, you may not need many customizable options. However, if you want to perform more complex tasks and printing, you may need additional features, and then open-source 3D printers may be better.

Ⅵ. Printing size

Printing size refers to the size that you can print with a 3D printer. In short, the larger the print size, the larger the model you can print. Of course, a larger print size does not mean better. You should choose a 3D printer that fits the print size according to the objects you plan to print.

Ⅶ. Machine Recommendation

If your budget is tight, but you still want an easy-to-use and powerful 3D printer, then Kywoo Tycoon/Tycoon Max 3D printer would be a good choice.

Tycoon/ Tycoon Max adopts "X-axis linear guide", "dual gantry frame", "dual Z-axis lead screw", "Y-axis smooth rod", "integrated direct drive extrusion", "Kywoo self-developed automatic leveling", "TMC2209 silent driver" and many other structural designs to improve printing accuracy and printing quality.

tycoon 3d printer

 Not only is the installation extremely simple, users only need to install 4 screws and connect 5 wires to start using the machine, and the printing accuracy is much higher than other DIY machines, letting users experience printing quality comparable to industrial-grade 3D printers at the price of DIY 3D printers. Tycoon's printing size is 240*240*230mm, and Tycoon Max is 300*300*350mm, which can fully meet the printing needs in most cases.

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