Kywoo 3D with Many New Products at Formnext Shenzhen

Formnext+PM South China was held in Shenzhen from Sep.9 to Sept.11. More than 200 exhibitors from around the world have attended, bringing an array of advanced technology, equipment, and products under the categories of materials, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, design, software, and processing technologies to the exhibition. Kywoo 3D has participated in this exhibition, which is also the first exhibition that Kywoo 3D participated in. this is kywoo 3d's first 3d printing exhibition in Shenzhen. Its many differentiated 3D printers have been widely loved by the audience.

kywoo 3d formnext exhibition 01

In Formnext Shenzhen, Kywoo 3D brought many of its printers, including Tycoon, Tycoon IDEX, Tycoon Slim, Kywoo Mini, and Kywoo Zflow. Surprisingly, on the first day of the exhibition, Naomi Wu, a million-follower YouTuber of the Tech DIY Channel, visited Kywoo 3D's booth and affirmed Kywoo's efforts in product innovation. She also proposed many valuable suggestions about the Kywoo Zflow belt printer, which gave great help and confidence to the Kywoo team.

kywoo 3d  exhitibition

Unlike the infinite-z 3D printers on the market, Kywoo Zflow's 35°angle makes it closer to the flat surface and can print more smoothly and with high-quality endless-long models. It attracted many audiences and exhibitor friends to visit Kywoo’s booth. It impressed visitors greatly by linear rail on its X and Y axes and its 35° printing angle. This printer hasn’t been released yet and still in prototype R&D status. Hope it will meet you guys in the near future.

Besides the Kywoo Zflow belt printer, Kywoo’s another 3D printer also grasped great notice from visitors, Tycoon IDEX. This independent dual extruder printer not only continues the solid build and linear rali design of Kywoo printers, but also applies built-in auto leveling sensor, auto shut-down module, and WiFi camera.

kywoo 3d exhitibtion

Kywoo’s hot-selling printer, Tycoon, meet the audience offline for the first time. It applies "X-axis linear rail", "dual Y-axis", “dual Z-axis”, “dual gantry frame” solid structure, and with the printing precision up to 0.05mm, the max printing speed 200mm/s. The original intention of this product is to make a better DIY machine, the "DIY Pro" 3D printer.

Kywoo 3D has released its first introduction video, please see as followed:

Seeing many professional buyers, 3D printing enthusiasts, and media workers express their great appreciation for Kywoo Machine, Kywoo people are excited and motivated to continue our efforts. In the future, the Kywoo team will complete the product line and improve the performance and quality of the product, increase the choice of accessory modification, upgrade the machine playability and the technical core. Hope to meet and talk with you in your city someday! 

Kywoo 3D Now is looking for distributor all over the world, our business now have extent to most of the countries such as US, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Austrlia, we welcome everyone to join Kywoo family, try reach to for more price details if you are interested in collaborate with us.  and we welcome you to join Kywoo 3D Official facebook group to get the latest news of the machines in the future:


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