Tycoon, Tycoon Max, Tycoon Slim 3D Printer Comparison

Kywoo Tycoon, as the first representative 3d printer of Kywoo 3D, delivers great print quality out of the box. At the beginning of 2021, Kywoo 3d just released their second DIY 3d printer Tycoon Slim, which also grabbed users’ interests but also confuse our intention and plan about this machine. What are the main differences between these two 3d printers? Which ones you'd like to get? maybe you can learn and make the decision after reading this article.

Why Kywoo Decided to Design the Tycoon Slim 3D Printer?

We can be briefly understood from three aspects as follows:

1. The adaptability of the market and the diversified choice of different product prices

In fact, for Kywoo, each product we design has its own market positioning. At present, most of the 3D printers on the market are usually profiled V-slot 3d printers. The product selection is relatively simple.

How about a semi-complete 3d printer machine? You can rarely find a few kinds at present, but this semi-complete structure of this printer will make the machine more stable during the printing process. For more diversified choices, we decided to launch our first 3d printer- the Tycoon model. The market targeted by this machine will also be more inclined to Europe and the United States where DIY products are slightly saturated.

As for Tycoon Slim, its overall structure is closer to most of the DIY 3d printers on the market, and the positioning of this product will be more biased towards the emerging market, which is convenient for us to expand the market scope.

Due to the overall structure being lighter, transportation volume and weight, etc. It is also taken into consideration to create a product that is relatively suitable for users who are willing to try Kywoo’s 3d printer but relatively speaking, someone doesn’t have much budget for the Tycoon.

2. Maintenance and Modification

We found that some users like to modify and upgrade their 3D printers based on some users’ feedback. Because Tycoon adds a double gantry architecture that makes printing stable, for some users with more hands-on ability, Tycoon has relatively limited space for their transformation. Out of this consideration, Tycoon Slim is better for users with a strong hands-on ability to spread DIY thinking.

3.Decided to increase product selection diversification based on user feedback

After some communication with users over the time, some users mentioned that they are satisfied with Tycoon print quality, but said that the print height is slightly smaller. Currenly It is unlikely that the size of the current Tycoon will become higher. Due to the control of structural changes, volume, weight, and price, we cannot change the height of the Tycoon at present. Therefore, Tycoon slim is designed for users who have high requirements, and the overall printing height will be slightly higher.

Tycoon,Tycoon Max and Tycoon Slim 3D Printer Comparison

Then what are the main differences between the Tycoon version and Tycoon slim 3d printer?

As mentioned before, most of the current 3D printers on the market are relatively single-gantry and 3D printers with remote extrusion mechanisms, but in fact, the proximal extrusion is more compatible with optional filaments, Which is why we started with the proximal extrusion mechanism to create our Tycoon. The unique integrated feed extruder structure is also a special point mentioned by users.

From the table below, you can briefly look at the differences in functions and spare parts of these two version 3d printers.

3d printer comparision

Technically, the biggest functional difference between Tycoon and Tycoon Slim is that it has a wifi function from Tycoon itself. Based on the usage frequency of the wifi function from the first product Tycoon machine, we take the wifi function as an optional function because some users think the built-in function of Tycoon slim is suitable for them to use. For users who want to try the wifi function, they can also add it by themselves all our machine motherboards have corresponding ports for connection.

In addition, for the Tycoon slim 3d printer, we also replaced the tempered glass with flexible magnetic stickers. If you like to use tempered glass or PEI board, you can place an order for replacement according to your preference.

tempered glass bed

Tycoon Version/Tycoon Slim 3D Printer Reviews

We have also send out the Tycoon and Tycoon Slim for some youtubers for review as well.

If you are not so familiar with our 3d printer, you can check out the video review here, maybe it will help you make the decision as well.

$400 Kickstarter Kywoo3d Tycoon 3D printer Review-3D Printing Professor

Kywoo Tycoon Slim 3D Printer First Look-Tripods Garage

Everyone has different tastes and preferences for 3d printer brands. Perhaps most users who are accustomed to single-gantry 3D printers are more willing to try a new structured machine Tycoon at an affordable price, while for novice users, it may be due to price considerations, some users who have a relatively single requirement for the printer are willing to try our Tycoon slim 3d printer.

I will define Tycoon as a "DIY Pro" version of the other single gantry diy 3d printer. It is impeccable in terms of print quality and stability, while Tycoon slim is more inclined to have features that are not available on the market, more than like a supplementary version.

Kywoo is currently also digging to improve and design 3D printers suitable for users based on some of the pain points of users who use 3D printers on the market. We have always believed that returning to users and focusing on solving the problems encountered by users is the foundation of the brand. No matter now or in the future, we will improve machine defects based on user feedback and optimize each machine to the best.

If you have much budget and would love to try a semi-complete 3d printer, X-axis linear rail, and direct drive, I would highly recommend you to try the Tycoon 3d printer, if you focus more on the upgrade possibility, try the Tycoon Slim, it won’t disappoint you.

So Which Kywoo 3d printer would be your first choice? Welcome to Join our Facebook Group to discuss more how users think of the Tycoon and Tycoon Slim 3d printer.



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