Kywoo Yellow Filament Introduction

Users are greatly impressed by its design of grey and yellow combination Since the Tycoon/Tycoon Max 3D printer was released, Actually grey/yellow in Chinese is called “Hui/Huang”(灰/黄), which has the same pronunciation as the word “辉煌”, “Glorious” in English. Kywoo Yellow filament's unique color and design also attracted many visitors to Kywoo booth at Formnext Shenzhen.

Some users been looking for the filament of which color is similar to Kywoo printers’ yellow. Also there are several users that used other yellow filaments to make some special prints to modify the printer. Following are some modifications that Kywoo users posted in our user group.

3d printing [arts

Responding to the customer needs, we designed and produced this Kywoo Yellow filament. Now, we are glad to tell you that it is officially RELEASED!

kywoo yellow 3d printer

*Links of the print on the above picture that printed using Kywoo Yellow:
Side cover:
Drawer (designed by our user, Franz Roller, from FB user group):

Auto shut-down cover:

Now. Let’s take a quick look at some key features of the Kywoo Yellow Filament:

1.High Quality
Compared to some filaments on the market that has a lot of bubble, tangle, low glossiness, and is more likely to lead to nozzle blockage, Kywoo Yellow filament uses high-quality material and is produced under strict quality control, and it has no bubble, no tangle, good glossiness and delivers a smooth printing.

2.High Precision
We offer the Kywoo yellow PLA filament of which precision within ±0.02mm to bring high-quality 3D printing. We believe only under this tight quality control, we can make a difference.

3.Extrude Smoothly
With the high quality and tight tolerance of Kywoo Yellow filament, your 3D printers can extrude it smoothly, avoid any possible nozzle blockage. Unlike other filaments which have inconsistent Diameter and are also more likely to cause nozzle blockage.

kywoo yellow 3d printing material

4.Material Eco-friendly
Kywoo PLA filaments are made from lactic acid, which is produced via starch fermentation during corn(or other plants) wet milling. It's biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Kywoo customers are always so shareable and so kind in Kywoo official user group, offering beginner guides for 3D printing newbies and helping each other with technical issues that occurred when using the 3D printer. We feel that we are bonded with the community. Adhering to the Kywoo core value of Innovation, Dedication, Integrity, and Shareability, we hope to inspire more creative people with Kywoo products. Grab yourself a Kywoo Yellow filament to make the printer looks more specially Now.

kywoo yellow filament


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