What You Should Learn About Dual Extruder 3D Printer?

If talking about 3D printers, most people may know about single extrusion head 3D printers. In a state where the single-extrusion 3D printer market has gradually saturated, multi-extruder 3D printers such as dependent dual-extruder 3d printer, independent dual-extruder 3d printer, multi-extrusion 3D printers will obviously be rarer.

Most novice users may only know that there are single extrusion 3D printers when they come into contact with 3D printers, but they do not know much about what is dual-extruder 3d printer or the difference between a dependent dual-nozzle 3D printer and independent 3d printers, which printing can greatly reduce printing costs and increase productivity. Today, let's take a brief look at the differences between these types of machines and what functions they have.

What is a Dual Extruder 3D Printer?

There are two types of dual-extruder 3d printers, one is dependent, and the other is an independent type. The independent dual-extrusion 3d printer is also called an IDEX 3d printer. So what is the difference between these two 3D printers, and what are the benefits of each?

dual extruder 3d printer

Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer / IDEX 3D Printer

The independent dual extrusion 3D printer is using a technology that allows two separate print heads to move independently. First of all, the two independent extrusion heads allow the 3D printer to achieve more functions, and complete independent operations without interfering with each other. Double the print objects in a single print time while maintaining print quality. It also provides users with greater freedom in designing models and more applications. So what are the benefits of dual exturder 3d printer / independent 3D printer/ ?

1.One As Two: As you can see  independent dual extrusion 3D printer have two exturders, when you want print some big models with one color, you can print with only one exturder. only just leave the other extruder in an idle state.

Tycoon IDEX machine

2.Mirror or Copy Printing:  Greatly improved printing efficiency. The Mirror or Copy function may be of great help to production-line factory sample.

3.Two-color printing: This Function can be done like double-layer color mixing filament printing or mixed-color printing and is more similar to the printing function of double-in-one-out 3D printers. This model needs to print color-changing columns when printing color-mixing models. Replace the color of the filament to avoid color mixing during the printing process. Of course, this function will cost filament a lot than one color printing.

Can an Independent 3d printer print different supplies at the same time?

Some users often ask the question if the IDEX machine can print two kinds of different filaments, actually, this is related to the temperature of the nozzle and the hotbed, because the nozzle temperature and the temperature of the hot bedplate required by the filaments are different. As two excursions are separate, it is possible to achieve printing with two nozzles at different temperatures. This means It will be relatively difficult to achieve the printing of two different filaments, but there’s also somewhat can be done successfully.

Did it support PVA filament Printing As well?

Of course, if you want to print a multi-color model, some users will ask if you can print water-soluble consumables. Generally, it can be well-printed. The water-soluble consumables can easily remove the support of the model. When a model with a PVA support structure is submerged in a water bath, the support eventually dissolves, leaving the model behind. Soluble supports are invaluable for models whose design makes it difficult or impossible to remove the support structure without the support material is soluble.

Dependent Dual Extruder 3D Printer

Adopting with conventional dual extruder system, Attached two extruders with one head but moving together when printing, this kind of 3d printer call the dependent dual extruder, Also known as One-in and two-out 3d printer. which can automatically switch filament within a specified time, but this 3d printer extrusion head has the disadvantage of two extruders. If the extrusion head is too close, the nozzle can easily collide and interfere. Relatively speaking, users are more willing to choose IDEX machines with more functions.

What are the functions of the dependent dual extruder 3d printer?
Expect the mirror and copy printing, Most of its’ functions are the same as independent 3d printers, it can realize the functions like single nozzle 3d printers. And realized the mixed-color printing that reduces the hassle of post-processing. And support two different kinds of filament printing.

Can it Print different kinds of filaments and PVA filaments at the same time as an IDEX 3d printer do?

Dual extruder 3D printers will make it more difficult to print two filaments, such as printing PLA and ABS printing filaments at the same time, because the temperature of the nozzle is the same, but the printing temperature is different, so it will be more difficult to achieve. But some dependent double extrusion printers can print PVA PVA filament PolyVinyl Alcohol (PVA) is a synthetic polymer filament formed by polymerizing vinyl acetate, which is then hydrolyzed to create PVA filament for 3D printing.)filaments like IDEX machines.

PVA Filament

When the IDEX machine technology is relatively mature, choosing an IDEX machine will be more cost-effective than an dependent dual-nozzle machine.

Last year most of the 3d printing company have launched several kinds of dual extrusion 3d printers. Some also join crowdfunding and get a lot of traffic. But also there’s an IDEX machine which also caught our eyes. Kywoo launched an IDEX machine also and the relevant firmware is currently being optimized. The overall machine has been greatly improved, and even comes with a wifi function.

In fact, for 3D printers, the most difficult thing is the optimization of the firmware. Because compared with single-extrusion 3D printers, in order to achieve stronger functions, it is necessary to continuously improve and optimize related firmware. At present, most of the structures on the market are relatively similar, what we check are the printing functionality and printing quality. So let's take a look at the print quality of the current Kywoo Tycoon IDEX 3d printer.

Tycoon IDEX modle

I believe that in the near future, not only the dual extrusion 3d printer technology will be improved, but even the multi-nozzle 3D printer will attract everyone's attention. The 3D printing technology will only become more and more perfect and advanced.


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