Tycoon 3D Printer Had Successfully Ended with 202% Funded on Kickstarter

The crowdfunding campaign of Kywoo Tycoon 3D Printer on Kickstarter comes to an end. we have successfully funded 202% and over 175 backers supported us on kickstarter, we want to thank all backers and supporters for opening the door of 3D printing for Kywoo Company.

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Kywoo 3D is a company founded in the middle of 2020. The two founders have rich experience in 3D development. Having found themselves dissatisfied with the current market's status quo filled with identical, low-price competitive products, they decide to design some high quality, innovative products that provide a better user experience. With a sincere desire to dive into the 3D printing world, they hoped to make a significant contribution to the industry.

kywoo 3d printing company

Although the main staff has related experience, this is still a brand-new team. We strive to optimize our workflow while the team members understand their roles better and become more adept and skillful at all tasks.

Since our original plan is to manufacture and deliver the machines within the year 2020, we need to ship the products before Christmas. The entire project schedule is very tight.

Following the Beta testing, we have now accepted most of the suggestions and made changes, especially for the unclear manual instructions and incomplete video tutorials.

We have made many improvements and tested the clarity of the instructions internally by asking colleagues that are less proficient in 3D printing to follow the instructions.

After they used the instructions to operate the machine, they provided feedback. Of course, we will continue to improve the machine, user experience, and service based on user feedback in the future.

We appreciate the support and encouragement of our backers. Your helpful, caring words inspire us to do our best and to continue our endeavors.

In this process, we have received much praise for our service and our product. These kudos are not only attributed to our Marketing team, but also our whole team who supports and encourages each other. Throughout this crowdfunding campaign, we believe our team has grown in cooperation, cohesiveness, and understanding.

Thanks so much to Joe, Chris, Marcos, Norbert, Joel, Bob, Mike, and other reviewers who trust us and assist us in promoting this project. We could never have made it without your help.

Thanks to every backer, especially those who help us spread the project and give great advice. Dillon, Gaurav, Frederick, Friedrich, Wayne, David, Daniel, just to name a few of our excellent advisors-provide brilliant support and encouragement. Eric, Shea, Mark, Tim, etc., thank you all the guys in our FB group for communicating and discussing, making the group more active and giving us more inspiration.

We hope to keep this friendly interaction in Kywoo Official Facebook Group in the future. Your support makes us believe that our product is useful and attractive and gives us faith in the future. You are the adventurers, and we believe Kywoo would be your wonderland! We know many people really like the project but cannot support it because of some practical reasons. That is okay; please stay tuned. We will have more surprises for you in the future.

The next most important thing is the production, test, and delivery. Hopefully, we can start assembling on November 26 with anticipated delivery by the end of December. Our team will work together closely to provide you with the best experience.

In the future, we will emphasize the development of upcoming products. We strive to maintain transparency and interaction with our users. We hope to keep our company growing!

This campaign is not the end, but the beginning of Kywoo 3D. We hope you can accompany us all the way!


Best regards,

Kywoo Team


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  • Posted on Rob

    Wish I’d heard about this in time, when I did try to order one on kickstarter I found out I had missed it by a day. Oh well, I guess I’ll get something else.

  • Posted on Ronald Leard

    how in the hell do i buy the extra stuff

  • Posted on Ronald Leard

    how in the hell do i buy the extra stuff

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