Kywoo New Coming 3d printing Accessories Introduction

Kywoo has always been paying attention to and following up on the use of some users' tycoon 3d printers for a while and has developed corresponding 3d printer accessories to solve problems according to their machine issues.

Recently, Kywoo has developed some new 3d printer accessories such as bimetallic heat-break, double extrusion gear accessories sets, etc. let us now briefly introduce what these accessories are and what advantages they have over the previous design.

Nozzle plug has always been the most troublesome problem for most 3D printing enthusiasts. Most of the reasons are mainly due to the wear of the nozzle/PTFE tube after long-term use, or the filament used contains impurities. It is recommended that check and clean the nozzles from time to time. And If indeed the plug is blocked, you can check it by the following methods:

  1. Heat the nozzle to above 200 degrees (ABS 240°C/PETG 220°C), Manually turn the extruder gear to check whether the material is discharged.
  2. Check whether the filament is correctly stuck in the center of the extrusion gear and bearing
  3. Check whether the red circle mark of the aluminum block cooling fan rotates normally
  4. Cisontrol the extruder on the screen to see if it can be extruded normally. (need to heat the nozzle to 200℃ first)
  5. Check whether the nozzle and Teflon tube are installed correctly according to the picture
  6. Check whether the diameter of the consumables is stable. The maximum error should not exceed 0.05MM

According to the feedback of some users who need to print PETG filament for a long time, filaments are easily clogged if printing PETG filament for a long time, but PLA filament can print out normally, mainly because most FDM 3d printers use PTFE tube in the heat break, but the nozzle temperature of PETG printing needs to be At around 220-250 degrees, long-term or continuous high-temperature heating and printing will cause the PTFE tube to melt and block the plug.

Also, now ordinary heat-break on the market are made of stainless steel. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is a little worse than that of titanium alloys. Although the thermal conductivity is low, the temperature will rise after a long time of printing. If the heat dissipation is not good, it is easy to cause plugging.

Kywoo found that this Bimetallic heatbreak nozzle can solve most of the user's plugging problems, below are some specific advantages and parameters that can help you better understand it.

3D Printer Accessories | Bimetallic Heatbreak Nozzle 

bimetallic heat break

Bi-Metal heatbreak Nozzle Set Adavantages

  1. The roughness of the inner hole is less than Ra0.4, the finish is higher, and there is no burr to ensure smooth feeding.
  2. The throat is made of titanium alloy and copper. The thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is low (the thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is about 1/14 of that of aluminum), and the thermal conductivity of copper is high (can quickly dissipate heat), effectively ensuring the throat temperature is not too hight and preventing the filament from melting at the throat, greatly reducing the risk of plugging.
  3. The heating block is made of aluminum material, which has good thermal conductivity, so that the nozzle can be quickly heated to the printing temperature.

                  Bi-Metal heatbreak Nozzle Set Parameter

Product Name

Bi-Metal heatbreak Nozzle Set


Throat: titanium alloy + copper
heat break:aluminum

nozzle:hardened steel

Maximum Temperature Resistance


Inner hole roughness


Product Size


Net Weight

About 15g

Applicable models

90% of FDM 3D printers on the market


At present, we have done some tests on it, and there is no plugging situation so far. I am sure it will be the best gift for your 3d printer soon.

3D Printer Accessories | Dual Gear Extrusion Kit 

Kywoo will soon also release a dual gear extrusion kit as well for kywoo tycoon series and most 3d printers on the market. Effectively solve the problem of wear and slippage of machine filament. The following are some advantages and parameters of this product.

dual extruder gear kit

Dual Gear Extrusion Kit Advantages:

  1. Using stainless steel gears, wear-resistant
  2. The extrusion force is greater, which is more suitable for printing soft filament such as TPU filament.
  3. Double gears better clamp consumables and prevent consumables from slipping
  4. Use all-metal design, more durable
  5. The spring strength has been verified many times and finally the spring that is most suitable for the printer is selected.

Dual Gear Extrusion Kit Parameters:

 Kywoo Dual Gear Extruder Kit Parameters

Product Name

 Kywoo Dual Gear Extruder Kit


Extrusion clamp: aluminum (surface red treatment)

Heat sink: aluminum (surface red treatment)

Extrusion Gear: Stainless Steel

Extrusion Spring Specifications

¢8×L21.5, wire diameter 1.1, compressed to 18.5mm; strength 27±0.5N

Supported filament diameter


packing list


Applicable models

Tycoon,Tycoon Max,Tycoon IDEX,Tycoon Slim


Note: Later we will have two kinds of extruder kits, one is specially designed for tycoon series 3d printers, another kind is for other brand 3d printers. make sure you select the correct one before placing the order. 

3D Printer Accessories | Filament Vacuum Bag Set 

According to our after-sales understanding, some customers' filament has been exposed to the air for a long time, which leads to poor quality of the 3d printing filament like PLA, and is prone to breakage during printing. In addition, it will also greatly affect the printing quality of the 3d printing model.

Considering this would cost customers a lot of filament and At present, there are 3D printing companies on the market that provide vacuum boxes, but it is relatively more expensive, we have found this relatively cost-effective vacuum bag for users to use when you do not need to continue to use the filament anymore, you can put them in this bag to reduce the problem of oxidation of consumables in the air, and next time it can be used like a new one normally again.

Package Including:

10*Food grade vacuum compression bags (PA+PE material) for 1 kg filament

1*Pump (ABS)

15*Desiccant bags


1.Airtight to keep the filament dry and safe. 

2.Moisture-proof and Dust-proof to keep the content clean.

3.Low-temperature and High-temperature resistant from -20℃ to 100℃.

 4.Fits 1kg filament spools with a diameter less than 20cm.

Kywoo has been focusing on developing our own machine and all 3d printer accessories that can be applied to most other brands of 3d printers at the same time, and the suppliers we choose are long-term cooperative companies that can provide high-quality certification as we focus on providing the best products, and the best service. in the future, we will keep digging out more available 3d printer accessories in the market to your 3d printer with high quality.


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