Best 3D Printed Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Until 3D printer appears on our desktop or in a drawer-sized corner on YouTubers’ desk, 3d printer was ever a giant in the industry field, medical machinery, and even in space. Now 3d printing technique machine has already been an affordable household device for creative DIY craftsmen and amateurs. They are always inspiring our mind with their 3d print gift ideas, of course, Christmas gifts included.

If you are struggling to choose one gift for your family or friends, please continue to scroll.

1.Puzzle Box/Novelty Box

To wrap a gift, the traditional wrapping paper may be the first stuff to pop into people’s minds. But 3d printer offers another choice: 3d printed puzzle box or novelty box.

puzzle box

Source: @aster3dpro 

Composed by a bowknot-shaped key on the top of the box and gear inside, the device would be unlocked by twisting the bow to drive the gear to twitch the latch. Though it is a simple design, it shows what novelty 3d printing can make.

3d printed box

Puzzle Box
Source: @avalanchesurfer 

This one may be inspired by klotski. By sliding blocks on different sides, one key can be found. Switch back to the slot, unlock it then the cap can be opened. I guess assembling the box itself is funnier than unblocking it.

What will your friends put in the box?

2.Lithophane Photo

Let’s check this video first:


I guess there is nothing can bear memories better than a photo for room ornaments. When the temperature is warm, the humidity of your sheet is pleasing, the light from the lithophane photo lamp is soft, you will go into your sweet dream with your best memories.

3D-printed lithophane photo has been viral since last year, but it will never be outdated, let alone it is a 3d printing Christmas gift. If you got one 3d printer,
then congratulations, you can print any photo you want:

① You need to go into the website Image to lithophane .


② After choosing a photo, the modeling process would produce a lithophane model for you. Of course recommended settings are offered:


cura setting

③ Download and slice it:
Slicing settings recommendation:3D Printing the Perfect Lithophane Picture - YouTube

3.Visual Illusions Standing Letters

I have to admit that I was attracted by a nsfw letter stand on TikTok, and it does have a model on

And it hits 48.8k likes, LOL!

Then let’s go back to 3d print gift idea. The standing letters can be a 3d printed ornament on the desk.

3d printed model

3d printed model

Actually, at the age of lacking fancy filming special effects, Charlie Chaplin’s movie ever takes visual illusion into practice to make horrifying scenes.

And by any chance you may know the game Monument Valley, by swiping and transferring the angles, intrigue path would be figured out. The visual illusion is fantastically utilized in this game.

This illusion design gives you an unexpected effect with different letters. As you walk around, the letter stand would shift from one to another. It’ll definitely be a surprise to your Friends!


Source:   Golden Snitch Pendant

Pendant is never a banal gift for Christmas because it adapts to many usage scenarios. Bag, key rings, necklace, or even zip on clothes.

This golden snitch is a good one for fans of Harry Potter. When it hangs on the bag, it’s like a weakened buzzer waiting for you to grab!

Source: Hygienic Paper Ear Pendant

Fashion! It’s fashion! It can definitely be shown at the Paris Fashion Week!
If you are a person with fashion sense, please never miss this one! Once wearing this, you are the one who can lead a fashion subculture.

5.House Decoration

Source:  Vaporwave Bubblegum David

Classic David. You can print any color you want, to show your attitude to your friends or just leave it blank and let your friend draw his mood on.

Source:  Christmas House

Winter inflicts cold weather on Christmas, but Christmas endows people a heart of reunion in cold winter. This Christmas house will make your house a splendid Christmas vibe!

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