Kywoo Father's Day Giveaway Live Show is Coming

Hi, Guys, Happy Fathers’ Day, Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of song. do you still remember what is the best or sweetest gift you’ve got on Father’s day or what is the most impressive present you arrange for your father..., To celebrate the men who have embraced the role of father, Kywoo Team is having a live stream at 9:30 pm, Eastern Time(ET), Thursday, June 17. We will give away some amazing gifts during the live. Welcome to join us and share us with your best memories of Father's Day~

What will be the best gift you get on Father’s Day?

1*High Temp. Print accessory Set, better print with Nylon and ABS ( including 1 enclosure+1 gold frosted PEI build plate+ heated block with all-metal hot end)

2*50% Off Discount code(For Tycoon/ Tycoon Max)

3*$70 Off Discount code (For Tycoon/ Tycoon Max)

4*$50 Off Discount code (For Tycoon/ Tycoon Max)

Tycoon 3d printer:

How to Join and get our Prize?

1.Joining the Kywoo Official Group is necessary for getting the prize. Make sure you are in the group so that you may win!!

Join Kywoo Official Facebook Group Now:

2.Comment 5 of your friend's names on our father’s day post and tag their name so that they can know and join us.

Name Collecting Date: June 10th, 2021- June 17th, 2021

Notes: We will collect all the names and randomly pick up the winners via the wheel games and the winners will be announced in our Live Show in June 18th, 2021

Stay Tuned, and Good Luck, don’t forget to set up a schedule and don't miss the chance to get the prize Now.


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