Tycoon Fully Open Source 3D Printer Firmware Download

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Kywoo Recently has released it’s first open source Tycoon DIY+ 3d printer kit with industry-grade performance, this is a 3d printer upgraded with all the function like Direct drive, bl touch and silent mainboard. Let’s check more about What with Tycoon 3d printer and how Youtubers think of it.

What Comes with Tycoon 3D Printer?

Auto Print Leveling Function
☑️Silent Mainboard Ensures quiet Printing Environment
☑️Linear Rail X-axis Ensures Higher Printing Precision
☑️Resume Printing Function & Filament Sensor Added
☑️Direct Drive allows More kinds of filament printed Out
☑️Tempered Glass Bed Selected, Easier to Remove the Model
☑️ Easy Wifi Transfer
☑️Tiny but Compact Integrated Nozzle Kit with Cool Red Wheel, allowing you to monitor the Printing Situation in real-time.

Tycoon 3d printer


After Tycoon 3d printer comes out, we have sent out several 3d printers for famous 3d printing Youtuber for review, and collecting some suggestions and advice from them like 3d printing professor

Now we have tested a lot and the Marlin firmware are stable enough to be fully open sourced,

Tycoon 3D Printer Firmware Download

Tycoon 3D Printer Marlin Open Source Download

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