Tycoon Slim | A Direct Drive 3D Printer with Wildly Filament Compatibility

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Note: 1:Due to the difference in the printer stock in different warehouses, the printer you received may have some minor differences from the latest version shown on the product detailing page. If you have any questions about the printer, please contact business@kywoo.com. 2:Please also note that if you want...
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Tycoon Slim | A Direct Drive 3D Printer with Wildly Filament Compatibility

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Mateusz Szaszowski
Podstawowa drukarka w dobrej cenie.

Drukarka mimo kilku niedociągnięć jest dosyć dobra jak na swoją cenę.
Z zalet to sztywna, zwarta konstrukcja z prowadnicami liniowymi więc powinna pracować bezawaryjnie dużo dłużej niż konkurencja w tej cenie.
Z minusów to kilka defektów montażowych typu odwrotnie zamontowane radełko ekstrudera i delikatnie wygięty stół co nie przeszka w drukowaniu, ale zdziwienie było gdy stolik nie dojeżdżał do krańcówki przez to ale szybka naprawa i wszystko jest ok.
Sama drukarka prosta w obsłudze, nie jest bardzo głośna, ale cicha też nie, da sie wytrzemac.
Mimo minusów to w tej cenie ciężko znaleźć lepsza drukarkę od której nie oczekujemy więcej niż poprawnego drukowania.

Christian Greulich
Like him!

I've bought a second one ;), Is that statement enough? It's very precise and working fine with all filaments I've tried (PLA, PLA+, PLA Meta, TPU and PETG) only I'm not sure about the cooling. I'll modify the cooling for both sides and 'upgraded' the cooling for the heatbreak, cause i've run into problems with high temperature and full metal hotends (With full metal hotend I can only print with high temperature and not low temp like PLA Meta - I must change the hotend to do so). With stronger cooling for the heatbreak it's all fine. If the dual component cooling will be a useful upgrade - I have to see in near future.
All in all, I think it's a excellent printer and I'm very satisfied with my two Tycoon Slims!

Great for the price (with discount)

I bought this printer with the Christmas Sales discount. The z belt timing synchronous belt was too loose. I sent an email to the tech help service. They replied quickly and told me that "an engineer had to analyze the problem". Then no more news for a few weeks... I ordered a new belt on https://www.kywoofrance.fr/ (great service by the way). I finally managed to print something. Everything worked fine for the first two prints but then I experienced bed adhesion problems (I received a glass bed instead of the buildtak advertised on the website). So I bought a PEI build plate on the French site. I decided to contact kywoo3d service again to ask for a commercial gesture. They accepted to refund the parts I had ordered on kywoofrance.fr. Now the printer works well and I'm pretty happy with the service provided, eventually.

Slim is backwards

The 3D Touch autobed leveling is a bit screwy and after one print the z does not want to lower correctly. Disappointed because this printer has awesome potential. Contacted company multiple times and never received any support or feedback.

Dear customer,
We are so sorry for the late reply because of the Spring Festival. If we don't reply for a long time, pls try to send the email again. Because maybe some emails go into spam but we didn't find them. Hope you can kindly understand it. Thanks.
So sorry for the inconvenience it brings to you.
Pls don't worry, we are always here.
Best regards
Kywoo Service Team

A great printer for the price

I managed to snag this printer for $150 when it was on sale for the holidays plus I had a code for an addition $30 off from a YouTuber. For that price it is fantastic. If I had paid retail I would have rated it 4 stars. I think for the retail price it needs a better hotend/extruder combo. The one it comes with is pretty outdated IMO. There are plenty of modern knockoffs that would have been a huge upgrade. That said I've only had skipping issue when I had the z-offset just slightly off thus far. I would also like a better touch interface, the current one is like using a touch version of the old click wheel interface. Anyway, Id call this printer a Prusia killer for the price, especially if you upgrade the hotend/extruder.

Product details


1:Due to the difference in the printer stock in different warehouses, the printer you received may have some minor differences from the latest version shown on the product detailing page. If you have any questions about the printer, please contact business@kywoo.com.

2:Please also note that if you want to cancel your order after payment, we need to deduct a service fee of 4.4% + 0.3USD of the total amount. So please place the order prudently. Thank you so much for your understanding.

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1.Direct Drive Extrusion with More Filament Compatibility

Featuring a direct drive extruder, Tycoon Slim 3D printer offers a smooth and even feed-in, which is perfect for TPU filament. And it is compatible with a large range of filaments, including TPU, PLA, PETG, ASA, Wooden, ABS, Nylon, and so on.

2.Integrated Extruder Kit 

The extrusion and heat dissipation structure is seamlessly integrated to avoid vibration and terrible wear, contributing to lower torque requirements on the step motor, and higher printing quality. 

3.X-axis Linear Rail Design Makes Printing Smoother 

A stable X-axis linear rail structure, dual Z-axis, and gantry frame improve accuracy by 30% vs traditional pulley systems. These features combine to greatly increase stability and reduce shaking, resulting in more effective, higher-quality, and silent printing. 

4.Dual Y-axis Smooth Rod Enables a Stable Base

 Tycoon Slim adopts dual Y-axis smooth rod, less worn and more durable than the ordinary pulley design; dual Y-axis support guiding ensures the base stability, reduces jitters during printing, and greatly improves print quality. 

5.Double Z-Axis Stable Ensured, No Wobbling & Shake Anymore We are making a difference. 

Unlike other 3D printers with single one Z-axis, the structure of the Tycoon Slim printer is specially designed with dual Z-axis and synchronous belt for 100% stability ensured, no wobble & shake anymore. 

6.Self-developed Kywoo Touch Auto-leveling Sensor 

Kywoo self-developed Kywoo Touch is user-friendly, intelligent, and time-saving. More accurate leveling compensation, maximizing accuracy and print quality. 

7.Color HD Touch Screen with 5 Languages  

An HD color touch screen with ergonomic interface is detailed and well-executed. You could get better interactions with simple operation. What is more, five languages choices ensure full accessibility.  

8.Powerful 32-bit Mainboard with Silent TMC 2209

Tycoon Slim comes with a 32-bit silent mainboard and the latest Marlin2.0 firmware, higher-speed processing, stronger expansion, lower decibel.  Silent TMC2209 Driver Tycoon Slim applies TMC2209 drivers, silent printing, no disturbing problem happened anymore while working. Less heat produced, more stable performance. 

10.Smart Filament Sensor 

Whenever there is a possible accident like filament runout or filament breakage, the smart sensor makes the machine suspend printing for resuming print after the new filament feeds in. 

11.Reliable Resume Printing Function 

The machine can automatically resume printing after power-off or filament breakage. Fewer worries about print failure. 


                 Tycoon Slim 3D Printer Parameters

Model Type                            Tycoon Slim 3D Printer
Molding Technology                    FDM(Fused Molding Manufacturing)
Printing Size            240*240*300mm
Machine Size        464*552*522mm
Package Size        560*505*225mm
Gross Weight         11.52kg
Net Weight          9kg
Nozzle Number                         1
Slicer Thickness               0.1mm-0.4mm
Nozzle Diameter        Standard 0.4mm
Printing Precision         ±0.1mm
Working Mode        TF Card
Filament       PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS etc.
File Format        STL/OBJ/AMF/G-Code
Working Mode        USB/SD Card       
Slice Software       Cura/Simplify 3D
Wide voltage Power SupplyInput: AC 115/230V 50/60 Hz 6.8-3.4A  Output:DC 24V 14.6A
Total Power           350W
Bed Temperautre          ≤110℃
Nozzle Temperautre          ≤260℃
Resume Printing Function           Yes
Filament Sensor                             Yes
Dual Z-axis          Yes
Auto-Leveling          Yes
Wifi Function          No
Language Selection    Yes, Support 5 Languages                                   
Operating System     Windows XP/7/8/10 MAC/Linux              
Max Printing Speed    Up to 50-80mm/s                     
Supprted Languages                      English/Spanish/French/Italian/German