Gifts sending! Kywoo Tycoon IDEX 3D Printer, 4 Printing Mode Supported & Large Printing Size

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Note: Due to the difference in the printer stock in different warehouses, the printer you received may have some minor differences from the latest version shown on the product detailing page. If you have any questions about the printer, please contact
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Gifts sending! Kywoo Tycoon IDEX 3D Printer, 4 Printing Mode Supported & Large Printing Size

Customer Reviews

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Erox R.
Mein zweiter 3D Drucker, und richtige Entscheidung.

Aufbauen und loslegen, hätte ich nicht gedacht. Klar sind einige Anpassungen und Einstellungen für den perfekten Druck immer an jedem Drucker nötig. Ich habe ein wenig gewartet, bis ich den Drucker mit meinem Bruder zum guten Preis als sonnst schießen konnte. Wir sind beide hell auf begeistert. Dachte erst das es nichts für Anfänger wäre. Aber wenn man mal langsam in die Materie wächst und mehr will, ist das alles absolut kein Problem. Die Community ist da, der Support von Kywoo ist auch top. Der Idex Drucker ist eine Wucht und lässt so keine Wünsche übrig. Robuster Eindruck, und Teile worauf es ankommt sind hier bedacht ausgewählt. Habe in dem Preis- und Idex Segment mich länger umgeschaut und auf Preisnachlass gewartet. Top Gerät, kann es jedem empfehlen.

Bad machines, with bad firmware and an inexcusably bad extruder.

Here's an update on my machines. None of them work. They all have horrendous extruder problems and have been moved to storage till I can get rid of them. The extruders bear the majority of the fault with this machine. First the hotend cooling fan is insufficient to stop heat creep from occurring. The fan they use doesn't push enough air over the heat break to cool the filament enough to maintain a good extrusion rate. There is no way to alter the amount of pressure put from the spring on the filament. You should be able to adjust the amount of tension on the spring. To make this matter worse all of the springs across the 6 kywoo extruders I have do not have consistent compression. The BL touch is attached into the heat break. This leads to the BLTouch getting really hot because again, the cooling fan for the heatbreak is worthless. Heating the BLTouch has caused the solenoid which holds the probe pin in place to malfunction. This causes the pin to not successfully retract, leaving it hanging out and not retracting for the print. Okay, so those are some of the bad design flaws that they really need to fix on the hardware side of things. This company really needs to fix these issues before selling anymore of their machines. I wrote my first review when I started assembling the machines, at which point I thought that most of the parts were high quality. However when I tried to use the machine the issues really started to come forward. Please fix your extruders, they are a nightmare right now.

Top Drucker Top Support

Habe mein Drucker erst seit eine Woche bin voll zufrieden damit.
Mein Kaufgrund war unterschiedliche Materialien miteinander zu kombinieren deswegen habe ich mich für ein Idex Drucker entschieden.

Drucker ist sehr schnell aufgebaut, Autoleveling durchgeführt und sofort mit drucken (Standardmode / 1Extruder ) gestartet. Ergebnisse waren top.

Nach ein Kalibrierung der Druckköpfe zueinander habe beide Extruder mit PLA gefüttert und sofort Multicolor gedruckt ohne Probleme.

Schwierigkeiten (liegt nicht am Drucker) hatte ich mit unterschiedlichen Materialien. Auf diesem Gebiet bin totaler Anfänger, hier spielen Tempreraturen und Flussgeschwindigkeit eine wichtige Rolle.
Um viele Selbstversuche zu vermeiden habe ich Kywoo um Hilfe gebeten, und sowas habe ich noch nie erlebt.

Kywoo Suppprt Ist unschlagbar wurde gleich eine WhatsApp Gruppe mit 2Techniker temporär eingerichtet und so intensiv geholfen das ich innerhalb paar stunde Multimaterialdruck hinbekommen habe.
Kywoo hat sogar den GCode angefragt um das Model selber zu drucken. Damit haben Sie die Fehlerquellen eingrenzen können.

Natürlich habe ich noch keine Langzeiterfahrung mit dem Drucker, kann aber ich nicht vorstellen das bei diese Bauweise viel kaputt gehen wird.

Robert Mech
Incredibly Upgradeable

Great machine but even better ability to upgrade. With so many other printers in the space with proprietary firmware and features the Tycoon gives you the flexibility to upgrade how you like. That is of course if you need to. The printer does a great job all on its own.

Robert Jevans
Superb printer and fantastic service!

I spent a great deal of time looking for a new dual extruder 3D printer. My search found the IDEX. Sadly its not available in the UK but I contacted Kywoo direct and my enquiry was dealt with by a lady called Linda. She was very helpful and arranged to ship direct from the factory to me which was superb! I have now had the printer for a few weeks and I am overwhelmed by the quality of the prints I am able to produce. I would certainly recommend Kywoo to anyone that is looking for a new 3D printer. Thank you Kywoo!!

Product details

Note: Due to the difference in the printer stock in different warehouses, the printer you received may have some minor differences from the latest version shown on the product detailing page. If you have any questions about the printer, please contact
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1.Advanced fun from IDEX, Four Printing Modes Supported

Tycoon IDEX 3D printer can simultaneously print with two colors and two types of filaments and supports four printing modes: two-color printing, duplication printing, mirror printing, single-nozzle printing, etc., which greatly improves printing efficiency and brings you more printing pleasure. 

2.Kywoo Touch Auto Leveling

It’s equipped with self-developed Kywoo Touch auto leveling sensor, which saves time and has better compatibility and performance; Tycoon IDEX makes adjustments automatically as you print, maximizing print accuracy and quality.

3.Built-in WiFi Module, Remote Printing

Applies built-in WiFi module. Even if users are not near the printer, they can check the printing status via the computer, remotely control the printer, and deal with printing problems in time.

4.Auto Shut-down, Electricity Conserving, and Eco-friendly

The printer will turn off automatically when the printing is finished, no need to power it off manually, keeping you undisturbed and saving electricity. Once you need to continue printing, just simply turn on the reset switch on the side shell of the printer.

5.32-Bit Mainboard with TMC2209 Silent  Driver

We apply TMC2209 silent drivers for all the X, Y, Z axis motors, the printer produces less heat and has a stable performance under continuous printing. High Scalability, Silent Printing, High Speed, Low energy consumption.

6.Double Stable Ensured, No Wobbling & Shake Anymore

We are making a difference, Unlike other 3d printers, the structure of the Tycoon IDEX is specially designed with dual Z-axis lead screw, dual gantry structure for 100% stability ensured, no wobble & shake anymore.

7.X-axis Linear Rail Design Makes Printing Smoother and Durable

A stable X-axis linear rail structure enhances printing accuracy by 30% than traditional pulley systems, print without ghosting. Not only ensure stability, but also reduce wear and tear and enhance the printer's durability.

8.Y-axis Dual Linear Rod Enables a Stable Base

Tycoon IDEX adopts Y-axis dual linear rods and bearings, less worn and more durable than the ordinary pulley design; it reduces jitters during printing, highly improves positioning accuracy and print quality.

9.Unleash Your Creativity with All-metal Integrated Direct Drive Extrusion

Featuring direct drive, Tycoon IDEX printer prints a wide range of filaments, and offers more precise printing than bowden extrusion; compatible with diverse filament types, including PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, Nylon, PVA and so on.

10.Generous Build Volume

The printing size of the Dual-color Mode is up to 220*300*350mm, or by utilizing the Duplication Mode or Mirror Mode to print two identical models at the same time, up to 150*300*350mm.

11.Photoelectric Limit Switch

With two photoelectric limit switches on the X-axis, the printer can detect more sensitively than the normal mechanical limit switches, contributing a more precise printing and a longer lifespan.

12.Color HD Touch Screen with 5 Languages Supported

An HD color touch screen and ergonomic interface design make it more detailed and well-executed. truly achieves simple operation and better responsiveness; five supported languages ensure full accessibility.



Tycoon IDEX 3D Printer Parameters

Model Type                            Tycoon IDEX 3D Printer
Molding Technology                    FDM(Fused Molding Manufacturing)
Max Printing Size  of Single-color Mode        260*300*350mm
Max Printing Size  of Dual-color Mode        220*300*350mm
Max Printing Size  of Duplication Mode        150*300*350mm
Max Printing Size  of Mirror Mode        120*300*350mm
Nozzle Number                         2
Slicer Thickness               0.1mm-0.4mm
Nozzle Diameter        Standard 0.4mm
Precision         ±0.1mm
Filament       PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS/PVA
File Format        STL/OBJ/3MF
Working Mode        SD Card /Wifi Remote Control
Slice Software       Cura/Ideamaker
Power Supply      Input: AC 100-240V 8A Output:DC 24V 17A Max
Total Power           400W
Bed Temperautre          ≤110℃
Nozzle Temperautre          ≤260℃
Resume Printing Function             Yes
Filament Sensor                               Yes
Dual Z-axis             Yes
Auto-Leveling             Yes
Wifi Function             Yes
Language Selection    Yes, Support Five Languages                                   
Operating System     Windows XP/7/8/10 MAC/Linux              
Net Weight            16kg                   
Gross Weight           20.5kg   
Machine Size 671mm*514mm*760mm
Package Size 740mm*660mm*310mm
Supprted Languages                 English/Spanish/French/Italian/German