Kywoo Inductive LED Light with Infrared Control Technology For 3D Printers (In Stock)

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Kywoo Inductive LED Light with Infrared Control Technology For 3D Printers (In Stock)

Customer Reviews

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Disappointed with the seller

I do not recommend buying! I purchased this product from the Kywoo3d shop on Aliexpress. The product did not arrive, Aliexpress rejected the claim, the seller does not respond to the reverse contact from my side. I tried to contact here, on this site, and on Aliexpress. No answer! Big disappointment with Kywoo3d!

Useful, but could be improved

Recommended? Yes. (Uses a few weeks)

+ It's very bright and dimmable
+ Mounts securely

- Optical switch is a gimmick, easily triggered unintentionally.
- Extruder will cast shadows on the print. (You may need another sideways lamp for inspecting first layers for example)

Occupies motherboard part cooling header.
Cables are excessively long, and zipties are a poor solution.
Grey and white don't fit the aesthetic of the printer.

Hi, Sir,
Thanks for your feedback, about the suggestion you mentioned, here are the answers:
1. The new motherboard we upgraded has reserved 24V interface for the LED light, and the model using the new motherboard will not occupy the cooling fan interface anymore in the future.
2. The length of the cable is made very long to fit other brands of printers incase some customer want to use it on other brand machines.
3. About the appearance, we are now upgrading it to a better look and later once it finished, I will let you guys know about it.
Thank you so much for the suggestion.

Kywoo Teams

Tom Zelle
I see the Light with help of Kywoo

That is a nice light for my tycoon .
They send it fast and good packeging.

Jean-Sébastien Deslauriers

still waiting for it.

Paul Feeney
No information

Your light did not have any instructions where to plug it and did not indicate what voltage it was

Hi, Paul, thank you so much for letting us know about this, I've let the company know about this information, and we will upgrade it later.

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Size: 280*22*18mm
Net Weight: 48g
Input Voltage: 24V
Power: 18W