Wifi Module For Tycoon/Tycoon MAX/Tycoon Slim 3D Printer

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Wifi Module For Tycoon/Tycoon MAX/Tycoon Slim 3D Printer

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Christian Greulich
It's ok for lazy persons like ma ;).

A simple ESP32(?) with a cheap onboard antenna in a grounded metal housing(printer) - so what will you expect regarding receive quality? Yes, quite bad receiving. The main software (adapted Marlin) (In my case the Tycoon Slim) isn't very well regarding wifi. Poor (sometimes really bad) translations(german) for wifi, additional errors in the (Marlin) code - missing time releasing for wifi and so on.
But it's cheap and when you expect nothing more than transfer your G-Code from your slicer to your printer, it will (mostly) work. So, for me it's ok.

Dear friend,
We are so sorry for the problem.
You can directly connect wifi in Cura and it is easy to be connected. Here is a link about how to connect wifi in Cura, pls follow the video to connect wifi:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMCMEXNkc_w
If there is any problem, you can contact us anytime. Pls send email to this mailbox:service@kywoo3d.com
We will get back to you soon after we see your email, pls don't worry.
Best regards
Kywoo Team

Andreas Kaleck

Its a perfect upgrade for my Tycoon Slim printer. Just plug the module in the motherboard and ready. No need to flash Firmware. My Computer work perfect with the printer. Very easy to install.

Bill MacFarlane
WiFi Component Replacement

I was dumb enough to throw out the WiFi component with a burnt out motherboard...didn't realise that the WiFi dongle was a separate part at the time.
Kywoo where quick to mail a new one to me. Very happy with the service!

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MKS Robin WiFi Module

Package size: 162x161x45mm
Gross weight: 158g