305mm*320mm 3D Printer Flexible Magnetic Build Plate (For Tycoon Max/Tycoon IDEX) 3D Printer

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305mm*320mm 3D Printer Flexible Magnetic Build Plate (For Tycoon Max/Tycoon IDEX) 3D Printer

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Can't get filament off it

hi !
After mounting the plate, I printed the Auto-leveling test and looked at the Typhoon Max printing so well.
But after the print, I got frustrated because there is no chance of getting the filament off again - bending the plate too much damages it ...
How can I get rid of the filament from the plate? Can I use Isopropanol?
Bigger items go off better, but the brim or skirt still stay on the plate!
BTW I used Eryone PLA+ printed with 200 degrees Celsius and 65 degrees bed temp ...
Usually, I would ask for help in the forum - but it is offline right now!
I hope not permanently!

John Burnet

better than using the glass bed

Terrible build plate. Single use then unusable. Both parts are really cheap flexible magnets.

I'm sorry to be writing this, but dang this is a really awful product. I wish I could upload pictures of the build plate after it's first use cause it's SO bad. First of all I ordered 3 of these, my mistake for doing that. These are essentially 2 cheap flexible magnetic panels. 1 comes with adhesive on one side that you stick to your build plate, the other has a build plate sticker on one side. But both pieces are the cheap flexible magnetic panels. What happens when you pull your parts off of this cheap material is you have terrible creases that are indented in the print bed permanently, or they actually lift the sticker off of one of the magnets forming an air bubble or a tare. I was expecting to receive a spring steel build plate as the flexible top piece that you print on with a build plate sticker on top, but having both parts be the flexible cheap magnet is a TERRIBLE design. I can't use the build plate more than once, it's absolutely ruined after just 1 print.
So now I have to go about removing the bottom sticker piece that you adhere to your build plate to go back to using the glass build plate that comes with the machine.
I really wish there was a way to submit pictures here to show you what has happened. I waited for the build plate to cool, then slowly lifted the top build plate piece off of the bottom magnet piece. This caused a bunch of permanent creases to form around every part on the build plate. Then when I was removing the parts from the build plate pieces of the build plate got pulled off the magnet leaving horrible bubbles from separating the build plate sticker from the magnet. I have to ask why use magnets on both parts? The build plate magnet is totally ruined, and it hurts to look at the other 2 that I bought that I cannot use cause they are so poor quality.

Hi, Andrew, about the magnetic build plate issue you mentioned ,
pls send me the pictures to business@kywoo3d.com.
let me check with the manufacturing first. thank you

Jan Baas
Great platform

I am very happy with the Flexible Magnetic Build Plate. The objects adhere very well to the plate. And they are very easy to remove due to the flexible surface. I recommend it to everyone. Attention: make sure that the magnetic sticker is applied flat.

Product details

  • Black frosted surface, strong adhesion. 
  • Flexible platform, very easy to pick up the model. 
  • Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, can be used repeatedly, and easy to clean.
  • High-temperature stability and heat resistance. 
  • Easy to install, convenient and fast. 
  • Size: 310mm x 310mm