3D Printer Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Kywoo Touch

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Petr Dopita

3D Printer Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Kywoo Touch, Compatible with Tycoon 3d printer.

Oldřich Boček
Good senzor :)

Very good senzor, im finally happy with autoleveling now :D

Product details

1.Easy Auto Leveling, Time Saving

Achieve multi-points automatic detective and leveling, no worry of long-time manual leveling anymore.

2.More Accurate Leveling Compensation

Specially designed for Kywoo 3d printers, smarter compatible and more accurate leveling compensation, more cost-effective.

3.Easy Installation and Maintenance

Only 3 screws Installation needed and wire connected, now you are good to go, Based on users’ needs, Kywoo self-designed and developed, more beneficial for future maintenance and technical support.

4.Reliable PC Material Black Cover with Photoelectric Sensor

 Unlike normal touch sensor, with black color appearance, a photoelectric sensor inside, better stability, PC material shell and re-designed probe, more durable and not easy to break, greatly prolong its service life.

5.Wide Application, Strong Compatibility

Compatible with printing platforms of various materials, such as tempered glass, PEI, and magnetic plates, etc.