Tycoon Max | Firmware & Manuals Download

1. SD Card, Manual & Files Download

V1.0 | User Manual | 2020/06/02        Download

V2.0 | User Manual | 2020/06/02        Download

V1.0 | SD Card File | 2021/09/22        Download

PLA Simplify3D Configurations | 2021/01/20    Download

PLA Cura Configurations-2022/01/19    Download

TPU Cura Configurations-2022/01/19  Download

ABS Cura Configurations-2022/01/19  Download

PETG Cura Configurations-2022/01/19  Download


2. Firmware Download

I. Tycoon Max Multi-Functional Firmware V2.1.3 Download

Note: the latest version of Tycoon Max firmware is V2.1.3. It applies on all V1 and V2 firmware machines and is integrated with auto shut-down function, high-temperature printing function, and supports advanced settings. For more details on its improvements, please check here: Kywoo Tycoon/Tycoon Max/Tycoon Slim V2.1.3 Multi-functional Firmware Upgrading and Optimization Description. If you have any feedback or questions on the firmware, please write to service@kywoo3d.com.

The "Robin_nano35.bin" file is the firmware for the printer. The "KWWifi.bin" file is the firmware for enabling the WiFi function of the printer. To enable the WiFi function of your Kywoo Tycoon series printer, you need to flash the WiFi firmware in your printer first.

☆For reflashing the firmware of the printer, please check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa9K7kc0oi8

☆For connecting the printer to the WiFi network, please check here: https://youtu.be/fMCMEXNkc_w


V2.1.3 | Tycoon Max Multi-functional Firmware | 2022/04/15    Download

V2.1.3 | Tycoon Max Multi-functional Firmware Source Code | 2022/04/18   Download



Firmware V1.0 Download   (For Whose Stock Firmware is V1.0 Only) 

V1.1.0 | Source Code | 2021/03/31     Download

V1.1.2 | Original Firmware (Leveling Points: 4*4) | 2021/05/06    Download

V1.1.2 | FW with Auto Shut (Leveling Points: 4*4) -2021/05/07    Download