300 ℃ High Temperature Printing Kit

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300 ℃ High Temperature Printing Kit

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Alessandro Calvinisti
Wrong heat block was sent

Received a normal heat block instead of the correct one to fit the new temperature probe, I had to drill one myself which wasn't too much of a deal for me since i have the tools but come on guys. Otherwise, installation was easy and programing was a matter of minutes (literally just tell the printer to go into high temp mode), been printing nylon with no problems.

Zavvio Mok
Shipping package lost, I never received it, USPS can't recovered it either.

Ordered this item, shipment got lost, customer service asked me to go after USPS, USPS can't recover package either. That's the end of the story.

Did not fit as expected. Did not receive the same heatbreak the photos show.

Ordered two of these. Got one so far. The one I got has a heat break that was closer to 25mm instead of 27mm long. It didn't fit either of the Tycoon Max's I tried to use it on. The screws holding the block in were too long and the block ended up loose because of it. I'm used to E3D hotends, so maybe I missed something, but I'm about 99% sure I didn't.

The heatbreak I received is also not the same as in the featured photos. Mine was not a bimetal heatbreak as shown. It's either aluminum or stainless.

The thermistor and extension work fine.

Patrick-Pascal Koller
Overall great quality

Everything came pretty fast, and the parts themselves look very nice. The installation in itself was no problem at all, you just need some extra cable-ties. However, upon running the first print with the upgraded firmware, the printere threw me an overheating warning and had to be turned off. Upon closer inspection, the new, shielded thermistor had a broken connection near the heatblock, and had to be put away. I now use the old thermistor until some new replacement ones arrive.

Ralf A.
Heiße Tage für kywoo3D

Ich sage dazu nur zwei Worte ....Heiß, Heiß oder Kaufen,Kaufen

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