305mm*320mm PEI Gold Frosted Build Plate For Tycoon Max/Tycoon IDEX 3D Printer

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305mm*320mm PEI Gold Frosted Build Plate For Tycoon Max/Tycoon IDEX 3D Printer

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Nice build plate

Ordered two of these. Both came quick. Nice build plates for the price. Fairly aggressive texture. I like that I can put a PEI sheet on the back since it's plain.

Matthias Salzer
Frosted Build Plate

Bestellung ist angekommen, ich bin zufrieden

Thomas Schreiber
Order PEI Gold Frosted Build Plate

Hello, I can't say too much about this record yet. Haven't used them that often. But so far everything is great. All I can say is you have great customer service. This one deserves an A++

Jean-Sébastien Deslauriers

still waiting for it

Jürgen Seitz

Verry best plate

Product details

1.No Deformation at 200℃ 

Made of premium material, the original PEI powder coating with heat resistance, the hardened steel spring plate can accept 200℃,  but no deformation.

2.Strong Magnetic Force and Adhesion 

Composite magnetic material without demagnetization is easy to hang and pick up. Gold frosted PEI printing plate + Flexible Magnet platform sticker. 2 in 1 kit make the PEI print bed with stronger adhesion, easy to use and replace.

3.Flame Retarsant and Heat Reaistant 

PC belongs to the Flexible magnet, with flame-retardant, wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant, low forming shrinkage, and heat resistance without demagnetization. 

4.Frosted Printing Surface, Showing Better Printing Effect 

Different From the normal smooth PEI plate, sprayed with PEI material, it has a concave-convex effect, the best adhesion, and a longer lifespan.

5.No Model Warp Anymore 

There is a good combination between hot-melt material and printing layer, which reduces the deformation caused by shrinkage and avoids warping. 

6.Better Print with Failments Like PETG/ ABS.. 

The PEI gold frosted surface can bond various 3d print filaments, especially PETG and ABS, no warp anymore with a better adhesion, long-term resistance to 130℃ high temperature.