305mm*320mm PEI Gold Frosted Build Plate For Tycoon Max/Tycoon IDEX 3D Printer

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305mm*320mm PEI Gold Frosted Build Plate For Tycoon Max/Tycoon IDEX 3D Printer

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Lászka Norbert
Gold Frosted Build Plate - perfect

After 2 years of use, I decided to try PEI sheet. While I used the original glass build plate I could printing with PLA and with little failures PETG too. But after I changed the buildplate to PEI and made an enclosure my favorite material is ABS.
With this plate is very easy to print ABS, the adhesion is perfect, no need to trick to print.

Holger Lorenzen
Great Plate

Fast delivery and a very good plate which makes it easy to print any material.

Christian Rai
Frosted Build Plate

Habe verschiedene Platten probiert.
Mit dieser ist es mit Abstand am einfachsten zu drucken.

Nice build plate

Ordered two of these. Both came quick. Nice build plates for the price. Fairly aggressive texture. I like that I can put a PEI sheet on the back since it's plain.

Matthias Salzer
Frosted Build Plate

Bestellung ist angekommen, ich bin zufrieden

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1.No Deformation at 200℃ 

Made of premium material, the original PEI powder coating with heat resistance, the hardened steel spring plate can accept 200℃,  but no deformation.

2.Strong Magnetic Force and Adhesion 

Composite magnetic material without demagnetization is easy to hang and pick up. Gold frosted PEI printing plate + Flexible Magnet platform sticker. 2 in 1 kit make the PEI print bed with stronger adhesion, easy to use and replace.

3.Flame Retarsant and Heat Reaistant 

PC belongs to the Flexible magnet, with flame-retardant, wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant, low forming shrinkage, and heat resistance without demagnetization. 

4.Frosted Printing Surface, Showing Better Printing Effect 

Different From the normal smooth PEI plate, sprayed with PEI material, it has a concave-convex effect, the best adhesion, and a longer lifespan.

5.No Model Warp Anymore 

There is a good combination between hot-melt material and printing layer, which reduces the deformation caused by shrinkage and avoids warping. 

6.Better Print with Failments Like PETG/ ABS.. 

The PEI gold frosted surface can bond various 3d print filaments, especially PETG and ABS, no warp anymore with a better adhesion, long-term resistance to 130℃ high temperature.