August Sale! Kywoo Best Tycoon Direct Drive DIY 3D Printer Machine with Stable Auto leveling Performance 240*240*230mm

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August Sale! Kywoo Best Tycoon Direct Drive DIY 3D Printer Machine with Stable Auto leveling Performance 240*240*230mm

Customer Reviews

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Très très belle machine

Véritablement content de l'acquisition de la Tycoon Max. Son look sort du lot des traditionnelles imprimantes 3D. Opérationnel en 15 minutes. Bravo aux ingénieurs et aux concepteurs ainsi qu'aux techniciens et ouvriers pour la fabrication de qualité. C'est ma première imprimante 3D.

Jason Brodie
Excellent 3D Printer

Printer build quality and printing quality is excellent. I wanted a well a built printer so I could spend my time learning to use the slicing software and learning to 3d print rather than troubleshooting hardware issues or needing to upgrade components. I am very happy with this printer.

Great printer! Great support!

Amazing and silent printer. Just work out of the box. I love it! Thanks Kywoo 😃

Tom Zelle
Kywoo Tycoon very nice printer, very good prints

I own the printer now 14 days and i am very happy with the good results. Change the glass bed and use Flexible magnetic buildplate.
I messure the noise: between 45 and 50 DbA.
Printer came after 5 days from Germany. ( I am living in the Netherlands)

Jason B.
Good value printer with high quality prints

Printer works great out of the box for PLA. Nice rigid frame and good quality components. All features and ability considered, it's a great value. Plenty of great upgrades available if you need more capability.
Now the bad: upgrading to the V2.0.1 firmware, the wifi is difficult to get to work, if you can get it to work at all. I had mixed results. If you make a mistake setting up ESP3D and go back to V1 then try to go back to V2 at some point, you likely won't have access at all due to a bug in the wifi firmware. I hear there is a new version of the Kywoo Marlin firmware coming with wifi included in the install pack. Hopefully that will address the wifi ESP3D issues.
2nd, filaments other than PLA will take some work to dial in. Especially PETG. But after extensive modification to the PLA profile, you can get some really clean and great looking prints.
Overall, even with those couple issues, I think it's a great value. Once set up, it will print repeatedly and consistently with high quality results at a reasonable speed.

Product details


Kywoo Tycoon Linear Rail 3D Printer Advantages:

1.Powerful Extruder Kit Redesigned

The most powerful design of Tycoon is the Nozzle kit we select, Unlike other normal 3d printers, the extrusion and heat dissipation structure on the 3d printer are seamlessly integrated to avoid vibration and terrible wear, especially the cool red rotate wheel design makes the filament easier to feed-in. With this, you can better view the situation of printing in real-time, make sure of the model can be perfectly print-out.

2.Unique & Elegant Appearance

Upgraded "DIY pro" frame structure design with complete accessories set, neat & elegant appearance gives you a unique user experience different from other common DIY 3d printers, no exposed wires provide you a safer working environment.

3.Auto-Leveling Function

Leave the time sink of manual leveling behind, Save time and maximize accuracy and print quality with auto-leveling - the Kywoo makes adjustments automatically as you print. Adjustable foot mats add further stability to your printing.

4.Reliable Wifi Connection 

The Wifi function allows files to the printer can be transferred via Cura from your desktop or laptop and print quickly, also, Tycoon 3d printer is Fully-compatible with both SD and TF cards - no card adapters required. (This function is not in the Beta version machines, but will be shown on the next batch machines.)

5.Stable X-Axis Linear Bearings

A stable X-axis linear bearings structure, dual Z-axis, and gantry frame improves accuracy by 30% vs traditional pulley systems. These features combine to greatly increase stability and reduce shaking, resulting in more effective, higher-quality printing.

6.100% Stable Ensured, No Wobbling & Shake Anymore

We are making a difference, Unlike other 3d printers, the structure of the tycoon 3d printer is specially designed with Double Z-axis, Double Y-axis, Synchronous belt, and Double Gantry structure for 100% stable ensured, No Wobble & Shake Anymore.

7.Powerful 32-Bit Silent Mainboard

Most of the bacis DIY 3d printers on the market come with the normal mainboard, the "whining" and "whirring" noises come out while printing might drive you crazy frequently. The Tycoon 3d printer is specially customized with a 32-bit TMC2208 Silent Motherboard, higher speed processing, stronger expansion, Lower Decibel provides you a quiet working environment and higher print quality. No disturbing problem and failure models happened anymore while printing.

8.Color HD Touch Screen With 9 Languages Supported

The Tycoon 3d printer works perfectly with the sensitive HD touch screen, Clear and exquisite icons design make it look more detailed and well-executed. truly achieves simple operation and better responsiveness; for better user-experience, we designed to add9 more foreign languages, make it more selectable and convenient for most of users.



Tycoon 3D Printer Parameters

Model Type                            Tycoon 3D Printer
Molding Technology                    FDM(Fused Molding Manufacturing)
Printing Size            240*240*230mm
Nozzle Number                         1
Slicer Thickness               0.1mm-0.4mm
Nozzle Diameter        Standard 0.4mm
Precision         ±0.1mm
Filament       PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS/Nylon
File Format        STL/OBJ/AMF/G-Code
Working Mode        USB/SD Card       
Slice Software       Cura/Repetier/Simplify 3D
Power Supply      Input: AC 115/230V 50/60 Hz Output:DC 24V
Total Power           350W
Bed Temperautre          ≤110℃
Nozzle Temperautre          ≤260℃
Resume Printing Function           Yes
Filament Sensor                             Yes
Dual Z-axis          Yes
Auto-Leveling          Yes
Wifi Function          Yes
Language Selection    Yes, Support Five Languages                                   
Operating System     Windows XP/7/8/10 MAC/Linux              
Max Printing Speed    Up to 80-100mm/s                     
Supprted Languages                 English/Spanish/French/Italian/German