Tycoon | Firmware & Manuals Download

1. SD Card, Manual & Files Download

V1.2 | Cura Installation & Operation Manual | 2020/12/01  Download

V1.1 | User Manual | 2020/06/02    Download

V2.0 | User Manual | 2020/06/02    Download

V1.0 | SD Card File | 2021/09/22    Download

PLA Simplify3D Configurations | 2021/01/20     Download

PLA Cura Configurations-2022/01/19    Download

TPU Cura Configurations-2022/01/19  Download

ABS Cura Configurations-2022/01/19  Download

PETG Cura Configurations-2022/01/19  Download

2. Pls Read Before Flash the Firmware:

Due to the firmware update, we currently have two versions of the machine interface. pls noted that V2.0 is the version interface of the machine we are currently shipping, and V1.0 is the old interface. Due to the different motherboard versions, if you are using V1.0 and without any issues. It is not recommended to update to the V2.0 interface incase that the machine from being unusable due to incompatibility.If you insist to update to V2.0, pls contact with service@kywoo3d.com if you have any questions. 

Tycoon Firmware V2.0 Download (For Whose Stock Firmware is V2.0 Only) 

V2.0.1 | Source Code| 2021/10/20      Download

V2.0.1 | Latest Firmware | 2021/09/27   Download

V2.0.1 | FW with High Temperture 3D Print Kit (pls get the high temperature print kit first) | 2021/10/28    Download

V2.1.0 | FW with Auto Shut Down Kit | 2021/11/04    Download

Tycoon Firmware V1.0 Download  (For Whose Stock Firmware is V1.0 Only) 

V1.1.0 | Source Code | 2021/03/31     Download

V1.1.2 | Original Firmware (Leveling Points: 4*4) | 2021/05/06  Download

V1.1.2 | FW with Auto Shut (Leveling Points: 4*4) -2021/05/07   Download